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The Massachusetts Green Careers Conference connects stakeholders from education, business, government and nonprofits and learners to advance career development and sustainable development. The 2018 conference was held at MassWildlife headquarters, a LEED-Platinum building.


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8:30 – 9:00 am

9:00 – 9:25

State Government
eea picThe State of Massachusetts is the largest green employer in Massachusetts.  Learn about departments dedicated to the environment, employment opportunities, and how to find employment.
Johanna Zabriskie Deputy Human Resources Director, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA), State of Massachusetts – assigned to support human resources management with the Department of Fish and Game, Department of Agricultural Resources, and State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board.

Educating for the Anthropocene
nancy woodLearn about a Social Science-based sustainability studies program focused on eco-societal challenges and opportunities that prepares students for resilient-sustainability thinking and behavior in domestic, professional and community life.  Can be applied to multiple areas including Elementary Education, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Health and Health Sciences, Hospitality Services, Ocean Sciences, Sustainable Agriculture and Water Management.
Nancy Lee Wood Professor of Sociology, Coordinator of the Liberal Arts Sustainability Studies Program, Bristol Community College

Worthwhile Internships
annie wIf you’re going to spend a semester or summer with an organization make sure you’ll be learning as much as possible.  Check out basic legal requirements, questions to ask during an interview, and things to consider before accepting the position.
Annie Wolf  CVA, Volunteer Program Manager, The Trustees of Reservations

9:30 – 9:55

Municipal Careers
adam chEnvironmental issues are at the top of the list in many communities. Learn about community sustainability initiatives and the many public and private stakeholders doing this important work.
Adam Chapdelaine Town Manager, Arlington

Rebuilding the School-to-Career Pipeline
bps green pic
Learn about the development and evolution of a student internship partnership between Nashoba Regional High School and World Farmers in Lancaster MA.  Topics covered will include how to make contact with potential partners, searching for and writing grants, the challenges of managing and sustaining partnerships, and lessons learned along the way.
Timothy Castner Social Studies Teacher at Nashoba Regional High School; Grant Coordinator at World Farmers

Your Green Career Plan – Workshop
amanda picWhat’s your career goal?  What do you need to do to get there?  What do you need to learn?  How do you gain the experience required? Plot your first step in a new direction, with help from our returning career coach.
Amanda Peters Associate Director & Career Coach, Harvard Kennedy School

10:00 – 10:25

Municipal Careers
adam chEnvironmental issues are at the top of the list in many communities. Learn about community sustainability initiatives and the many public and private stakeholders doing this important work.
Adam Chapdelaine Town Manager, Arlington

The Blue Economy
kevin d jpegMassachusetts has a thriving “blue economy” that supports thousands of good, local jobs in tourism, off-shore wind energy, ports, harbors and marinas, fisheries, aquaculture, scientific research, and more. Join this session to find your own career in the Commonwealth’s growing marine-based economy.
Kevin Doyle President, Green Economy; professional development consulting work has included NOAA’s Coastal Management, Digital Coast Management, National Coral Reef Conservation Management Fellowship Programs (in partnership with the Department of the Interior), and several state and territory coastal zone management programs

Shaping the Future of Sustainability
drawdown pic
Learn about Drawdown, a forward-looking book by Paul Hawken, that describes 100 solutions measured and modeled for their carbon impact through the year 2050.  Sector summaries include electricity generation, food, women and girls, buildings and cities, land use, transportation, and materials. The UN Sustainable Development Goals will also be introduced.
Jen Boudrie Conference Director.
10:30 – 10:55

Millennials in Local & State Government
rick reibMany students seek careers that make a positive environmental impact and some are doing important environmental research while in college. Their work on real world problems and solutions is valuable learning experience for the students and valuable assistance to government environmental agencies.
Rick Reibstein Lecturer, Environmental Law, Boston University and Harvard DCE; retired Senior Environmental Analyst, State of Massachusetts
Navigating the Hiring Process – Interview Workshop
michelle wLearn about how you prepare for an interview, present yourself during an interview, and plan for negotiating aspects of the job like your salary.
Michelle Waters Ekanem Director of Diversity and Civil Rights, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Careers for the Blue Planet
blue planetLearn about a spectrum of careers – in government, non-profits, business, and education – that focus on water locally and globally.
Kevin Doyle President, Green Economy; professional development consulting work has included NOAA’s Coastal Management, Digital Coast Management, National Coral Reef Conservation Management Fellowship Programs (in partnership with the Department of the Interior), and several state and territory coastal zone management programs

11 – 11:55

Employers Are Hiring
hr picHuman resource directors describe their hiring processes, current job openings, and future prospects with regard to green jobs.
Emcee Amanda Peters, Associate Director and Career Coach, Harvard Kennedy School
Employers  Upper Blackstone Pollution Abatement District, Executive Office of Energy and Environment, and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Meet employers and presenters, and enjoy networking.  Lunch will be provided by Farm to Fork Catering.

1:00 – 1:55

Blue Cities
pallavi.You’ve heard about Green Communities but have you heard about Blue Cities?  The majority of the world’s population live in urban areas near oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams.  Learn about Blue Cities and related careers.
Pallavi Mande Director of Blue Cities, Charles River Watershed Association

Professional Associations Career Resources
treeAre you exploring career opportunities and ideas?  Industry associations have job listings, events for networking and professional development, and other relevant industry/career info.  The presenter was unable to come, but you can check out this PPT Presentation.

Division of Fisheries and Wildlife HQ – Tours
mw pic
Enjoy a guided tour of the working environment of Mass Wildlife staff in their beautiful LEED Platinum building!
Susan Sacco Assistant to the Director, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife


COACHINGcoach pic gcc 18
Career and sustainability coaches provided 15-minute one-to-one coaching at the conference at no additional charge. This is a popular feature of our conferences.

What did people have to say about this year’s conference?

  • I liked the way it was set up. Everyone had a choice of what they wanted to do with their day. I thought things were run very well.
  • I thought my coach was very helpful. She talked to me about some strategies moving forward and also helped me out with my resume. I was amazed with how much I got out of a 15 minute session.
  • I got real insight from hiring managers of companies I want to work for.
  • Variety of topics and good presenters.
  • I liked the location and proximity to my work, and that it was very relevant for the field I am interested in.
  • Everyone was friendly.
  • Professionalism.
  • It helped me to focus.
  • Presenters focused on specific jobs and job types that were actually available at easily identified employers.
  • I liked the mix of students, professionals and employers present who offer different insights. Good, short, and manageable lectures.
  • I liked the pace of the conference and options of speakers.
  • I was able to make some connections and get some ideas about potential internships, mostly from fellow attendees. I am going to adjust my resume and be more proactive about the search process.
  • Benefit: gave me a shot in the arm, as I’m a career-changer (from admin work in a hospital in medical education) to the environmental field. I have a lot of volunteer expererience in that arena but only about 2 years of professional experience in conservation. I also hooked up with someone I knew and had a great conversation that helped me professionally.
  • I have already applied some of the things I learned at the conference to improving my resume and cover-letter writing.  Additionally, I made good connections with state agency members, which is where I hope to work in the future.
  • The conference opened up some possible work opportunities and how to present myself on paper and in person.
  • I learned about a fellowship to apply for and a possible class to take next semester. I met new people to reach out to and added to my network.
  • The interview workshop and discussion on salary negotiation was the most beneficial part of the conference for me.
  • I was pleasantly surprised by the conference. The location was beautiful and there were helpful lectures.



Green features of the 2018 conference included:pic a.

  • Our Purpose
    • Connecting people for career development and sustainable development
  • Venue
    • Meeting space in a LEED-platinum building at MassWildlife Headquarters
  • Food & Beverage
    • Whole, local and/or organic, delicious, nutritious, food and beverage; for example, apples and pears from Honey Pot Hill Orchard in Stow
  • Zero Waste
    • We carefully calculated food to have no leftovers.  People were asked to take one sandwich and come back for seconds.
    • Food/paper waste composted
    • Paper/cardboard recycled
  • Dishware & Utensils
    • No disposable plastics or styrofoam
    • Bringing reusable bottles/mugs encouraged
    • Reusable glasses provided as needed
    • Minimal paper products (simple SFI certified plates, napkins) provided, one per person
    • Reduced packaging
    • No bottled water
  • Linens
    •  Washable table cloths for food tables only
  • Reduced materials/handoutspic h.
    • Limiting handouts honors our environmental mission.
    • No presenter handouts – Presentations posted on the website after the conference
    • No paper pads, pens, or other freebies distributed
    • Conference guide provided online.  A few one-page, double-sided, recycled-paper conference guides available
    • NOTE: About 130 sheets of paper were used for this conference including the signage, handouts, printed guide and administration. Very good!
  • A/V
    • State of the art screen/desktop, wireless mouse/keyboard, and travel drive – No projectors or laptops needed (i.e. wireless rooms)
  • Transportation
    • Carpooling encouraged and assistance provided upon request
  • The carbon offset for all building energy and transportation to and from both our annual conferences is a donation to a local Massachusetts environmental organization. Former recipients: Climate Action NOW, Green Marlborough, Home Energy Efficiency Team, Live Cooler, Mass Climate Action Network, Mass Green Network, Project Green Schools, and Toxics Action Center.
  • Outcomes
    • Connecting people and resources to advance career development and sustainable development
    • Green event standards set a good example for others

Congratulations to participants and conference staff on Zero Waste event results! A trash audit at day’s end revealed: less than one pound of trash, two pounds of cardboard/paper that were recycled, and 14 pounds of food and paper waste that was composted.

The Massachusetts Green Careers Conference is created by a team of professionals from government, business, academia, and non-profits.

Conference Director, JenBoudrie@gmail.com, 508-481-0569.

Attendee fee ($45-$90) covers expenses for presentations, breakfast, lunch, reception, and logistics.