The Massachusetts Green Career Conference connects stakeholders from government, education, business and nonprofits and people interested in green careers to advance sustainable development.


Green Workforce Training and Associates
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center


ACDC – Auto Careers Development Center for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles
Antioch University of New England
Boston Architectural College
Building Performance Institute
Clark University
Conway School of Sustainable Landscape Planning and Design
Greenfield Community College
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Mass Maritime Academy
Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Program
National Grid
Next Step Living
Northeast Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Alliance
Northeastern University School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs and School of Architecture
Solar City
UMass Boston School for the Environment
UMass Extension Agriculture and Green Industry Program, Amherst

Company recruiters at the conference were accepting resumes for these positions:

  • Call Center Representative (part-time)
  • Field Energy Advisors
  • Field Marketing Canvasser
  • Home Energy Advisor
  • Inside Sales Representative (part-time)
  • Journeyman Electricians
  • Junior PV Installers
  • Outreach Event Representative (part time)
  • PV Installers
  • Sales Advisor (Solar, HVAC, Total Climate Control, and Windows)
  • Weatherization Technician
  • Weatherization Crew Lead

A company representative had info about how to apply for these positions:

  • Analysts – Customer, Finance, Energy Efficiency
  • Designers – Learning & Development
  • Engineers – Electric Distribution, Gas Distribution, Energy Efficiency
  • Managers – Marketing, Finance, Safety, Procurement
  • Project Managers – Marketing, Electric Distribution, Gas Distribution, Transmission
  • Supervisors – Operations, Maintenance & Construction
  • Graduate Development Program:  Network Strategy, Operations, Maintenance & Construction, Accounting/Finance, Procurement, Customer
  • 2014 Summer Internships for current college students:  Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Accounting, Finance


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Please click on highlighted names to see PPT presentations.


Massachusetts Green Careers
Massachusetts has become a national leader in environmental-related job creation, most notably in energy efficiency and renewable energy, but is also forging ahead with “green infrastructure” solutions.  Hear from exceptional leaders in the field of sustainable and workforce development.
Wendi Goldsmith  CEO and founder of Bioengineering Group Website Bio
Kevin Doyle  Principal, Green Economy; Workforce Development Chair, New England Clean Energy Council


Sustainability and Resource Management
Hear from professionals with a real understanding of the green supply chain, product lifecycle assessment, sustainable practices, the greening of  customers and markets, and careers that reduce the negative environmental impacts of materials that we produce, purchase and throw away.
Melissa Lucas  Sustainability and Energy Manager, UMass Medical School
Paul Degnan  Plant Manager, EL Harvey

Agriculture: Re-imagining Farm and Land Care Roles in the 21st Century
Learn about new farming programs, the Massachusetts Farm Employment Director, the careers/stakeholders associated with growing local and organic food, and land care.
Steve Verrill  Owner, Verrill Farm, Concord, MA
Margiana Petersen-Rockney  Coordinator, Beginning Farmer Network of Massachusetts, New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, Farmer at Rosasharn Farm, Organizer of the Young Farmer Network
Kathleen Carroll  Director, UMass Extension Agriculture and Green Industry Program, Amherst

Green Building Science and Careers
Green building goes beyond weatherization jobs.  Many professionals and non-professionals gain by a better understanding of building science principles and sustainability.  Learn about careers associated with the green building industry.
Matt Anderson  Manager, Certification Development, Building Performance Institute
Guy Compagnone  Director of Sustainable Practices/LEED AP+, SFP, Chapman Construction
Grey Lee  Executive Director, US Green Building Council, Massachusetts Chapter

Help Wanted:  Employer-Hiring Snapshots
Hear from employers.  Get the scoop on their recent hires, current openings, and future prospects.
National Grid
Next Step Living
Solar City


Climate Change:  In the Hot Seat

The climate is changing and so are careers.  Many careers are adapting to the needs of climate change and its future repercussions.  Our experts are addressing the topic head on.
Eric Walberg  Senior Program Leader, Climate Change, Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences
Kathleen Baskin  Director, Water Policy, MA Energy and Environmental Affairs

Environmental Protection:  The Everyday Heroes Among Us
Environmental professionals protect air, land and water resources.  They work for walkable/bikeable communities, resource conservation, ecological restoration, smart growth, wildlife protection, and practices that minimize environmental impacts of development in our communities.
Ken Kimmell  Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Wendi Goldsmith  Founder and CEO, Bioengineering Group
Michele Girard  Associate Director, Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions

Green Career Pipelines and Internships
Engaging youth in high quality environmental education provides opportunities for academic achievement and ‘out of the box’ career exploration.  Real world experience prepares future workers and leaders.  Connecting students and employers is essential for a healthy workforce and sustainable development.
Gina Parente  Education Program and Lecture Coordinator, New England Aquarium
Nicole Collins  Career Consultant and Internship Coordinator, Unity College
Michelle Waters-Ekanem  Director, Diversity and Outreach, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Arthur Natella  Project Coordinator, Workforce Development, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Blake Jackson  Sustainability Practice Leader, TKA Architects; PT Instructor, Boston Architectural College 

Green Nonprofits:  A Grassroots Approach
What are their missions?  What are typical careers in nonprofits?  What are the many benefits? Hear the success stories of these nonprofits.
Audrey Schulman  President, Home Energy Efficiency Team (HEET)
DeAnne Dupont  Co-Founder, The Food Recovery Project
Jocelyn Forbush  VP Program Leadership, Trustees of Reservations
Megan Stokes  Development Director, Toxics Action Center



Greening the Auto Industry:  Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (EV, HEV, PHEVs)
Learn about technology and careers in the green auto industry. The future of jobs in the private sector depends on well trained auto techs who have the skills to fix the new generation of electric and hybrid cars.
Craig Van Batenburg  CEO, ACDC – Auto Careers Development Center for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Nicholas Medeiros  Automotive Instructor, Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School
George Sotiropoulos  Owner, Bravo Auto Service

The Clean Energy Story in Massachusetts:  Policies and Careers
Why is Massachusetts one of the top clean energy states in the nation?  What’s new in clean energy careers?  Learn about our need for clean energy, successful policies, and clean energy job trends in Massachusetts.
Kevin Doyle  Principal, Green Economy; Workforce Development Committee Chair, New England Clean Energy Council
Phil Jordan  Vice President, BW Research; Author, The Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry (Jobs) Report 

Trees and Forestry:  Embracing Green Guardianship
The benefits of trees are many (shade, clean air, aesthetics, materials) and the need to protect them has long been recognized.  According to a Massachusetts law every community must have a tree warden.  The original law was passed in 1899 and is still in effect today.  Tree wardens, foresters, and arborists care for New England trees challenged by storms, disease, pests, and use.
Michael Downey  Service Forester, Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation
Robert LeBlanc  Vice President, Massachusetts Tree Wardens and Foresters Association; Tree Warden, Walpole

Workforce Training Funds:  Resources for Businesses
Workforce and sustainable development go hand-in-hand.  The Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund provides $5K for new hires and up to $250K in training funds for businesses in Massachusetts.  Companies that seek resources to go green and train employees should check out these resources!
Mike Corcoran  Supervisor of Operations, Career Services, MA Workforce Training Fund
Aybike Dognaci Crott  COO & Founding Partner, Solectria
Michael Prior  Director, Business Development, Mass Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP)


Green Chemistry:  at Work, at Home, and at School
Toxics reduction improves health.  Learn about the need for education and careers in green chemistry.  These speakers are doing their bit to help us breathe easier.
Mark Rossi  Co-Director, Clean Production Action; Member, MA Toxics Use Reduction Act Advisory Committee
Ellie Goldberg  Founder, Healthy Kids

Water Quality Professionals:  Enforcing the Right to Clean Water
Since the passage of the Clean Water Act in 1972, the water quality industry has bloomed in Massachusetts.  Today state-of-the-art technology, massive community infrastructures, and well-trained professionals manage our drinking water, monitor our water quality, and treat our waste water discharged into the environment.
Ray Willis  VP/Principal, Onsite Engineering; President, Massachusetts Water Pollution Control Association; MA Director of NE Water Environment Association
Kirsten King  Communications Director, New England Water Works Association & MA Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network

Education and Careers:  Landscape, Geography, or a Desk Job?
Teaching the next generation of green students is one thing; guiding them to the right jobs is an equally important and challenging task.  Meet professionals who connect education to green careers.
Mollie Babize  Associate Director, The Conway School of Sustainable Landscape Planning and Design
Kate Cholakis  Project Designer, Green Infrasturecture Planning, Nitsch Engineering Inc
James Hayes Bohanan  Professor, Environmental Geography, Bridgewater State University

Green Entrepreneurs:  Pioneering New Ways
These are the stars among us!  Finding a solution to a perplexing problem is a common theme for successful entrepreneurs.
Wayne Davis  Co-Founder & VP Government Affairs, Harvest Power
Andy Brooks  Founder, Bootstrap Compost
Lyndsay Rose  Outreach and Marketing Manager, Green City Growers


One-on-one career and/or sustainability coaches at the conference:

  • Nicole Collins  Unity College
  • Michelle Waters Ekanem  MA Department of Environmental Protection
  • Arthur Natella  MA Clean Energy Center
  • Will O’Brien  Clark University
  • Gina Parente  New England Aquarium
  • Michael Prior  MA Manufacturing Extension Partnership


  • Food Rescue
  • Excess food from breakfast and lunch donated to Roland’s House, a homeless shelter, in Marlborough
  • Food prep and plate waste collected and composted locally
  • Reusable dishes, glasses, cups, utensils
  • No disposable (paper/plastic/compostable) items
  • No bottled water
  • Local apples and pears
  • Organic items included sugar, milk
  • Fair Trade Coffee
  • Reduced packaging: sugar and milk in bulk containers, not individual packets
  • Reduced materials/handouts
  • No presenter handouts
  • Presentations posted on the website after the conference
  • No paper pads, pens, etc. distributed by the hotel
  • Exhibitor materials included reusable posters & banners
  • Limited handout requirements honored our environmental mission
  • Conference guide handout limited to one page
  • Double-sided printing on recycled/FSC paper
  • Carbon Offset for building energy for the conference and all conference travel donated to Green Marlborough, the local environmental organization 

The Massachusetts Green Career Conference is hosted by Green Workforce Training with the support of an advisory and on-site team of professionals from government, business, academia, and non-profits.

Ticket fee ($45-$75) covers exhibitors, speakers, introductory sessions, coaching, roundtable discussions, breakfast, lunch, and book raffle. Parking and WiFi are FREE. Registration & Info @ http://greencareer.eventbrite.com.

Jen Boudrie, Conference Director, JenBoudrie@gmail.com, 508-481-0569.