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4th Massachusetts Green Career Conference
October 4, 2012 | Marlborough Holiday Inn

The 4th Massachusetts Green Career Conference connected stakeholders from government, business, education, non-profits, and communities. Attendees enjoyed industry updates, green career guidance, best practices, and networking.

Businesses were accepting resumes; see job titles below*.

*Companies accepted resumes for these positions: .NET Developer, Account Manager, Account Manager (Windows, Solar, Total Climate Control), Applications Engineer (pre/post sales technical support), Application Support Manager, Associate Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, Chief Software Architect, Community Outreach Coordinator, Community Outreach Program Manager, Customer Service Representative, Electrical Engineer, Energy Specialist, ETL Developer, External Sales Opportunity (Windows, Solar, Total Climate Control), Home Energy Advisor, Inspector, Internships at Mass DEP, Logistics Coordinator (Step 3), Marketing Manager, Mechanical Engineer, Oracle Application Developer, Product Support Engineer (post-sales technical support), Sales Representative, Software Engineer, Software Performance Engineer, SQA Engineer, Verification Technician


Keynote Presentation
This year’s conference has a strong focus on New Employment Research with presentations highlighting policy and job creation in Energy, Agriculture, Recycling, Water/Wastewater, and Transportation. The keynote presents “State of the Union” briefings with highlights about sector growth and the kinds of businesses that are hiring.
Kevin Doyle  Principal, Green Economy; Co-chair Workforce Development, New England Clean Energy Council; Author
Greg Watson  Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
Madeline Snow  Director, Environmental Management Systems, Sustainable Production, UMass Lowell; Author of “Promoting Entry to Career Pathways in the Drinking and Wastewater Sector”
Heidi Garrett-Peltier  Researcher, Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), UMass Amherst; Author of “Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure: A National Study of Employment Impacts”
Phil Jordan  Principal, BW Research Partnership; principal researcher for The 2012 Mass. Clean Energy Industry Report
Tamika Jacques EdD Director, Workforce Development, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

10:30 – 11:30 am
Introductory Sessions about Careers – Sustainability
Hear from professionals in their fields present about emerging career opportunities and programs in building, energy, food and farm systems, and sustainability.
Rebecca Owens  Sustainability Planner and LEED AP BC&D; National Chair – New York and New England USGBC Students
Teresa Jones & Christine Copeland  Sustainable Energy Program, Greenfield Community College

The Biggest Green Employer in Massachusetts
Our state government is the biggest green employer in Massachusetts. State policies also influence local government and create jobs to implement and monitor environmental practices in our communities.
Jamie Eldridge  Massachusetts Senator; Vice Chair, Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture; Vice Chair, Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change
Edward Lambert  Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
Stephanie Ciccarello  Sustainability Coordinator, Town of Amherst

Gateways to Greener Careers
Hear about a variety of options available to those desiring to take the greener path: Certification, Degrees, Volunteering, Internships, On the Job Training, and Greening your Career inside Your Company.
John Jones  National Technical Director, Building Performance Institute (BPI)
Adrian Dahlin  President & CEO, Rising Green
Elizabeth Wiley  Director, The Green Center, Bristol Community College

Sustainability is Becoming Everyone’s Job
Employees are increasingly expected to adopt sustainability practices in their day-to-day work routine, while the business supply chain is increasingly expected to meet sustainability requirements. Hear from these professionals who are helping folks meet the demand for more sustainable practices.
Melissa Lucas  Sustainability and Energy Manager, UMass Medical School
Christina Bosch  Sustainability Engineer, EMD Millipore
Deb Mutschler  Executive Director, Massachusetts Workforce Alliance

1 – 2 pm
Introductory Sessions about Careers – Green Chemistry and Green Building
Green Chemistry – Hear from a leading expert in Green Chemistry and learn about emerging career opportunities in Pollution Prevention.
Kate Anderson  Director, K-12 Education, Beyond Benign
Greener Building – Architects are designing buildings and urban neighborhoods that meet residential and business requests for more sustainability features.
Gregory Minott  Principal, D/R/E/A/M Collaborative
Ruthy Bennett  President, Taylor Quinn Development LLC

Research, Policy, and Job Creation
Research and advocacy support government policies that drive job creation. Listen to leading experts present research and advocacy work in recycling and transportation, and learn about one enterprising person’s business and advocacy work that is creating jobs.
Edward Hsieh  Executive Director, Mass Recycle
Heidi Garrett-Peltier  Researcher, Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), UMass Amherst; Author of “Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure: A National Study of Employment Impacts”
Craig Della Penna  Director, Northeast Greenway Solutions; Owner, Trailside Realty; Board Member of biking, transportation and realty organizations

Vocational, Technical and Business Skills are In Demand
We need vocational, technical, and business skills to make our physical environment more sustainable. Energy installation providers, carpenters, hybrid vehicle repair staff, and agriculture professionals…. These are just some professions that can offer lifelong and rewarding careers in our communities.
David Ferreira  Executive Director, Massachusetts Vocational Administrators Association
Tom Belland  Director, Vocational-Technical Education, Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School
John Kelly  Agricultural Cluster Coordinator and Land Manager, Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School

The Environmental Business in Massachusetts
There are a wide range of environmental businesses in Massachusetts taking on old and new environmental challenges. Hear from professionals who are helping to resolve environmental concerns.
Dan Moon  President and Executive Director, Environmental Business Council of New England
Lisa Wilk  President and CEO, Capaccio Environmental Engineering
Alexandra Adler  Northeast Regional Director, CleanTech Open

2:30 – 3:30 pm
Introductory Session about Careers – Clean Energy
Leading experts have the scoop on career opportunities and career paths. These two authorities do the research for the MA Clean Energy Industry report each year. Hear about their research results and learn from their insights.
Phil Jordan  Principal, BW Research Partnership; principal researcher for The 2012 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report
Kevin Doyle  Principal, Green Economy; Co-chair Workforce Development, New England Clean Energy Council; Author

My Green Career
Hear from professionals in law and non-profits. Learn from their career history and hear about who they’ve worked with over the years. Green Careers are not new but they are changing.
Julie Wormser  Executive Director, The Boston Harbor Association
Jonathan Klavens  Principal, Klavens Law Group specializing in Clean Energy and Clean Technology Ventures and Social Enterprises
Chris Noonan  Senior Program Advisor, Institute for Energy and Sustainability

Workforce and Sustainable Development
Creating a better prepared workforce requires connecting educators and students to real world opportunities. Learn about a Massachusetts Clean Energy Center program that connects teachers to companies.
Tamika Jacques PhD  Director, Workforce Development, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
James Stanton  Director, Leadership Initiatives for Teaching and Technology, Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce
Carl Hakansson  Sustainable Policies Coordinator and Associate Professor, Framingham State University
Kevin Yarkosky  Mathematics Instructor, Keefe Regional Technical High School
Dave McDougall  Senior Manager, Energy Services, EnerNOC

Businesses that are Hiring
Learn about leading businesses that are hiring. Get the inside story on positions recently filled, currently open, and future prospects.
Megan Raye  Human Resources Director, Next Step Living Inc.
Paul Crivello  Human Resources Director, Digital Lumens
Michelle Waters-Ekanem  Diversity Director, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Tara Kurland  Energy Efficiency Program Administrator, Co-op Power


  • Education & Training administrators, staff, faculty, workforce developers, career services professionals
  • Business professionals from a variety of industries
  • Government staff and environmental policy makers
  • Green career candidates, graduates, students with green career objectives
  • Environmental non-profit and community members
  • Everyone interested in green careers and sustainability

Sit down for a one-on-one meeting at the conference at no additional charge for coaching, resume feedback, or sustainability guidance.

  • Amanda Peters  MIT Career Counselor
  • Caroline Havey  MA USGBC Representative
  • Gregory Minott  Founder, D.R.E.A.M. Collaborative
  • Sarah Klionsky  Co-operative Education Faculty, Northeastern University
  • Tom Zucco  Director, GreenStaff/SolarStaff

FREE raffle for eight excellent books on green careers and sustainability.

Lunch time is dedicated to exhibitors and informal lunch roundtable discussion rooms with these topics:

  • Government
  • Education
  • Business
  • Networking


The Massachusetts Green Career Conference is hosted by Green Workforce Training with the support of an advisory and on-site team of professionals from government, business, academia, and non-profits.

To see information and attendee comments from previous conferences click on History. To see information about our other conference see

Ticket fee ($45-$75) covers exhibitors, speakers, introductory sessions, coaching, roundtable discussions, breakfast, lunch, and book raffle. Parking and WiFi are FREE. Registration & Info @ http://greencareer.eventbrite.com.

Jen Boudrie, Conference Director, JenBoudrie@gmail.com, 508-481-0569.


  • Reduced materials and packaging
  • Reusable dishware (glass, ceramic, metal) instead of disposable (paper, plastic)
  • Carpooling with colleagues is encouraged and assistance provided upon advance request
  • Estimated CO2 created by this event from car travel and electricity will be offset by a donation to Green Marlborough, a local environmental organization