Presenter Info


Thank you for agreeing to present at the 9th Massachusetts Green Careers Conference. Please review this info to help you prepare.

This may already describe your presentation, but it’s worth reiterating that embedded in your presentation should be the answer to this question:  What green career information are you sharing regarding your field of work?  You may describe stakeholders you interact with to help the audience see diverse stakeholders in the green economy.

Looking for presentation ideas?  Here’s content to consider:  a brief overview, an outline with highlights,  2-3 case studies, best practices, results, interesting data/facts, an interesting story, photos, graphics, current trends, strategies, local resources, a list of job openings/internships/career resources at your company/college/nonprofit/government agency.


  • Provide a brief intro (session title, your name and title)
  • Start and stop on time (30 minutes)
  • Invite Q & A at the end (5 minutes)

Each room will have a time card (5 MIN, 1 MIN). Feel free to ask someone in the front row to raise the 5 minute card for you.

Our conference audiences are professionals and learners from government, grassroots, business, and education; and green-career-ready candidates.  They are all interested in sustainable development and career development.

Past conferences have attracted 250-350 people.  This year we are honored to have the conference at such a green venue – the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries/Wildlife, a LEED Platinum Building – but we are limited to about ~ 100 people.  I’m sure those who register early will be glad they did!  We will be sold out well in advance.

People are working in the building. Please refrain from conversations in the hallway to prevent noise/loud talking from reaching staff who are working upstairs.  Please do enjoy conversations in one of our three conference rooms and outdoors if weather is nice. Thank you!

Most presenters use PowerPoint presentations.  They’re not required but are recommended as a multi-sensory approach for teaching/learning.

You can email your PPT to before the conference or when you arrive give your travel drive to Deb or Jim to insert into the system.  DO NOT handle computer equipment.  It is state of the art and valuable. You will just use the mouse or keyboard to run your PPT.  You will see prompts on the screen.

Use PowerPoint only (pptx); no Keynote (Apple/Mac version) as we cannot assume compatibility.  Please bring your presentation on a travel drive, NOT in pdf format, and not on your laptop.  No last minute changes at the conference.

You may upload your presentation before the conference, during lunch, or 5 minutes before your session begins.

The room and equipment managers are Deb and Jim.  If you have any question they are available to help.  If you need anything go to the registration table in the main room.

No video clips or live links, please.  We cannot guarantee equipment, WiFi, and audio/visual connections. If you have a special request let me know days in advance.

By agreeing to participate in this conference you agree to photos & videos for news and promotions.

In keeping with our environmental mission and reduced materials goal, do not bring printed handouts.  Please email me your PowerPoint presentation in pdf after the conference and I will post it on SlideShare and put a link to it on our website,  Our participants often ask for PPTs after the conference and they are appreciated.

No soliciting.  No exceptions.  Exchanging business cards while networking is fine.

Breakfast snacks will include breakfast bars, seasonal whole fruit, and coffee until 9am.  Lunch will include sandwich wraps, whole fruit, and more.  Cheese and fruit at the reception.  Enjoy organic and/or local food choices.

Please set a good example.  Bring your reusable water bottle or coffee mug to fill at the conference.  Thank you!

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, 1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, MA.
See info here.

Come early to beat the crowd.  Plan to spend the whole day.  You’ll be glad you did!  We have excellent sessions 8:30 am-3:30 pm. If you cannot spend the whole day let me know as we will have a waiting list if there is room for more.

You do not need to register for the conference if you are a presenter.  Just pick up your name badge at the registration table when you arrive.

If your name is listed on the conference program as a presenter you will have FREE conference admission.  That includes the keynote, all sessions, breakfast, lunch, and reception.

Anyone who accompanies you (the presenter) must register here.  No guests or drop-ins.  No exceptions. I get lots of requests.  Any questions let me know.

Would you like a telephone appointment to discuss your session?  review your presentation? Any requests at all – let me know.

If you would like your session title and description revised, please email suggestions to me ASAP!

Updates are posted at for quick reference.

Please promote your participation in the conference to amplify your work and ours.
Twitter  @masustain  #magreencareers #greencareers

Thank you very much for presenting at the 9th Massachusetts Green Careers Conference!

Let me know anytime if you have any questions about anything.

Jen Boudrie
Conference Director
T 508-481-0569