Green Event

Green features of our conference include:food-pic-1

  • Our Purpose
    • We provide best practices and resources for career development and sustainable development.
  • Food & Beverage
    • All produce is local bought from Pioneer Valley Co-op which is sourced by about 60-70% western Mass farms and a few in CT.
    • Cheeses will be from Greensborogh VT, Cabot Cheese in VT, and Luitzin in North Haven CT.
    • Fruit will be from Tougas Farm in Northboro, MA. 
    • Fair Trade organic coffee is provided.
  • Food Rescue/Zero Waste

    • Unserved food is donated to a local shelter.
    • Food prep and plate waste is composted.
  • Real dishes, glasses, cups utensilfood-pic-4
    • We aim to use NO disposables (paper/plastic/compostable dishware)
    • Reduced packaging means having our sugar and milk in bulk containers, and no individual packets
    • No bottled water, but tap water is available, or BYO reusable bottle.
  • Reduced materials/handout

    • Limited handout requirements honor our environmental mission.
    • No presenter handouts are permitted.
    • Presentations are posted on the website after the conference.
    • Exhibitor materials include reusable posters & bannerdcu-walk-train-maps.
    • Exhibitor handouts, if any, are made from sustainable materials.
    • No paper pads, pens, etc. are distributed by the conference center.
    • Our conference guide is limited to one page, double-sided printed on recycled/FSC paper.
  • Multi-Modal Transportation
    • The beautiful, historic train station is less than three walkable blocks from the conference. The blue line on map (right) is the walking route.
    • City bus service is available. The pink line on map is the bus route.
    • Carpooling assistance is provided upon request.
    • See more info here.
  • The carbon offset for all building energy and transportation to and from both our annual conferences is a donation to a Massachusetts environmental organization. Former recipients: Climate Action NOW, Green Marlborough, Home Energy Efficiency Team, Live Cooler, Mass Climate Action Network, and Toxics Action Center.

Healthy Meeting Toolkit
Healthy Meeting Guidelines

We strive to have the greenest event possible.  If you have further recommendations please contact the conference director,