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Land a Job that Makes a Difference
What’s your eco career goal?  What do you need to do to get there?  What do you need to learn?  How do you gain the experience required?
Bill Bean Executive Director, Green Planning and Coaching
Sharon Hanna Director, Career Development and External Relations, International Development, Community, and Environment (IDCE), Clark University

Economic Trends

Environmental sustainability and economic goals are challenges many strive to meet.  Learn about exceptional research and solutions underway.
Emmy Hahn Coordinator, Smart Growth, Downtown Initiative, Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development
Janelle Cornwell  Author, Building Co-Operative Power

Massachusetts Legislation and Clean Energy Jobs

What does our new energy legislation mean for future jobs?  What’s happening with our green budget and jobs at the state level?  Get your answers here.
George Bachrach President, Environmental League of Massachusetts
Dan Bosley Government Relations Executive, Northeast Clean Energy Council

Green Schools

Environmental programs and resources are developing the next generation of students and schools. Learn more about Green Schools.
Robin Organ Executive Director, Green Schools Project

Sustainability Careers and Lifestyles

Hear from professionals dedicated to careers and lifestyles that help us live more lightly on the planet.
Debra Shepard Principal, Riverstone Sustainability
Ashley Carter Program Manager, New Lands Farm
Amanda Barker Founder & Manager, Nuestro Huerto

Work with Nature

Ecological restoration, sustainable landscape planning and design, and similar fields offer nature-based careers in environmental stewardship that benefit you and our communities.
Tim Purinton Director, Division of Ecological Restoration, State of Massachusetts
Bruce Stedman Executive Director, The Conway School of Sustainable Landscape Planning and Design

Smart Growth and Multi-Modal Transportation
Hear from experts working for walkable, bikeable, livable, vibrant, downtown communities that we all can enjoy.
Manikka Bowen Manager, Policy and Outreach, Urban Land Institute, New England
Roberta Brien VP Projects, Worcester Business Development Corporation
Sharon Bort HR Manager, Hubway Bicycle Share

10:30-10:45 KEYNOTE

Community Resilience & Careers
If our future is going to be more sustainable, we need planners, landscapers, clean energy experts, and all professions to work for sustainable solutions in our communities.
Atyia Martin Chief Resilience Officer, City of Boston
Kevin Doyle Workforce Development Consultant, Northeast Clean Energy Council; Lead Researcher, NatureWORKS National Urban Green Infrastructure Workforce Study


Associations Summit – Sustainability Trends and Resources
New this year! Industry association reps describe employer and employee resources. Discover a wide variety of job openings, education/training, events, and sustainability trends.
Joan Popolo Executive Director, Association of CleanTech Incubators of New England
Ronald Gillooly Board Member, Energy Engineers New England – Mass. Chapter
Angela Vincent Board Member, American Planning Association – Northeast
Trevor Smith President, Ecological Landscaping Alliance
Eugene Benson Executive Director, Mass. Association of Conservation Commissions
Angela Allen Member, Mass. Association of Public Purchasing Officials
Kevin Doyle Workforce Development Consultant, Northeast Clean Energy Council
Peter Dewar Director, Professional Development, Mass. Association of Vocational Administrators
Ken Wertz Board of Directors, Mass. Facilities Administrators Association
Ray Willis President, New England Water Environment Association


Tables will have signs for each association rep at the summit.
Exhibitors who are recruiting will announce job openings and be available at roundtables, too.
Networking and business socializing is encouraged.


Transitioning to Your Next Green Job

Prepare for the next step in your green career path by clarifying your goals, making connections and gaining practical experience and skills relevant to your field of interest.
Amanda Peters Associate Director, Career Advancement, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Robin Bergstrom Executive Director, Congress for the New Urbanism, New England Chapter

RESOURCES:  Your Career Plan and Role and Gap Analysis Exercise

Resources for Employers who are Hiring

Access the talent pool.  Recruit, train, and retain the talent you need!  Get connected to resources.  Stay on top of trends.
Andrew Chabot Program Manager, Workforce Development, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Kristen ONeil Rayne Outreach Manager, Workforce Training Fund, Commonwealth Corporation

Local & State Government Careers

Be the change!  Make an impact in your community and your state government.  Decision-makers and team players help make sustainability a reality.
Juanita Allen Recruitment, Human Resources Division, State of Massachusetts
Eugene Benson Executive Director, Mass. Association of Conservation Commissions ARTICLE: Best Job Ever

High Schools

Sustainability education in high schools prepares students for future careers.  Schools are vital learning labs that can provide much needed experience.
Peter Dewar Director, Professional Development, Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators
John Kelly Environmental and Technology Instructor with two students, Upper Cape Cod Regional Tech HS
Tabitha Yeager Environmental Science Teacher, Dighton-Rehoboth Regional HS; EcoRise Curriculum Developer
John Sannizzaro Electrical Instructor, Upper Cape Cod Regional Tech HS

Food & Agriculture

Development of a healthier, local food system is showing promise and creating career opportunities.
Kerry Bowie Managing Partner, Msaada Partners
Brittany Sidway Overshiner  Beginning Farmer Program Coordinator, Northeast Organic Farming Association – Massachusetts Chapter

Climate, Resilience, City Planning

A new wave of climate-ready planning, including the 2017 International Summit in Boston, Climate Ready Boston, and Boston’s new Resilience Strategy will spur climate-related jobs.  What can we expect?
Atyia Martin Chief Resilience Officer, City of Boston
Angela Vincent Economic Development Planner, Merrimack Valley Planning Commission; Board Member, American Planning Association, Northeast Region

Clean Energy

We are entering a new age of solar, energy storage, microgrids, and novel technologies that are ‘off the grid’.
Kevin Doyle Workforce Development Consultant, Northeast Clean Energy Council


Upward Trends for Women and Minorities

Women and minorities are rising in leadership roles across the board.  Learning to ask for fair pay and social equity is part of the process.
Michelle Waters Ekanem Civil Rights, Diversity, and Inclusion Professional
MaryRose Mazzola Executive Director, Boston Women’s Workforce Council
Ryanne Olsen Executive Director, Emerge Massachusetts

Confronting clean energy, food, and sustainability challenges are some of the areas creating an exciting world of opportunities for enterprising people.
Holly Fowler Co-Founder and Founding Director, Northbound Ventures; Co-leader, Boston Area Sustainability Group; Board Advisor, Net Impact Boston
Kerry Bowie Managing Partner, Msaada Partners

College and the Future of Higher Education
Sustainability, affordability, experiential learning, online education, flexible options, job placement –  these are some of the things today’s students are looking for.
Elizabeth Boyle Undergraduate Program Coordinator, School for the Environment, UMass Boston
Sarah Bockus  Internship Program, Environmental Studies Department, Antioch University New England
Joan Perreault Interim Director of Admissions, SIT Graduate Institute
Bruce Stedman Executive Director, The Conway School of Sustainable Landscape Planning and Design
Paula Hall Mack Director, Graduate Student Admissions, Clark University

Green Buildings
The construction industry is being transformed by several initiatives that support careers in clean energy and sustainability.  While building codes call for better energy efficiency and net zero energy buildings are being built, government buildings continue to meet higher standards at the state and local levels.
Alex Pollard Energy Efficiency Commercial Programs Manager, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER)
Edward “Tony” Ranson Deputy Director, Energy and Sustainability Group, Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management
Karl Brown  Senior Architect, Massachusetts School Buildings Authority

Toxics Reduction & Health

There are many opportunities worth exploring to ensure we all have an equal right and access to a healthy and safe environment.
Rick Reibstein Lecturer, Environmental Law, Boston University and Harvard University Extension; Author, Developing Sustainable Environmental Responsibility; 2015 Pollution Prevention Champion from the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
Mike Ellenbecker Director, Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI)

Landscapes & Urban Green Infrastructure

Bringing nature into our lives has many benefits.  Organic landscaping and low impact designs are among the healthful and rewarding careers on offer
Kevin Doyle Lead Researcher, NatureWORKS National Urban Green Infrastructure Workforce Study
Trevor Smith Lead Designer, Land Escapes Design, Inc: President, Ecological Landscaping Alliance

NOTE:   More presenters to come.